The 6 piece is about O2O your project is the shit you

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this paper is purely fictitious and any similarity is C2C (Copy to China).

"What the

community O2O, is run errands? That * Don’t bite cell run errands, to what social shit is not dead,


thirty-four year old Liu swallowed, and then said to me: "run errands this thing, there is no sense."

14 years of fire in a complete mess community O2O is the "old Liu Shuocheng meaningless".

I kind of do not listen to it, had to interrupt: "well…… The starting point of these projects is good, but some problems in practice, some of the team may be too difficult to push……"

". The starting point is not good."

"that your project is the starting point?" I did not expect such a bald, plump man Liu can use a mouth to save the community O2O, but I admire the founder make impertinent remarks temperament, it reminds me of the old L to do mobile phone.

community O2O can not be to C, must be to B. Run errands have much value? People downstairs to take the child thing, you also need to send this? O2O no significance is."

Liu said yes. Throughout the 14 years has retained community O2O, survived the legwork project instead send bottled water, bottled water, perhaps because not just "get downstairs" so easily. In addition, the purchase of bottled water frequency is relatively high, when users buy water a few days later want to get up a few days ago with the app, and the home appliance repair, decoration such as two times by using the three new mobile phone demand is not too different.


is actually a O2O insight into the nature of man, no wonder full of shit. I immediately became interested in what he was going to say. Not expect him to say how amazing idea, I just want to figure out how to do the to B O2O.

do you ask me how to do to B we do a system, the residents of the online single, online payment, when you come home from work through the store will be able to pick up goods. Because the order in advance, you do not have to worry about no goods, do not bring change."

You wait Liu

. You said it was like a big and small line of community stores, they do not do what you have to do with O2O


"we don’t open a shop! Let’s provide a system for the existing shops. You think about it, you buy something at the store, can buy what flowers? You can buy a large TV? It’s the main daily necessities. Now you do this system, as long as the coverage of the area is wide enough, a single user enough, you can find out the consumer habits."


HTML5 game industry 15 minutes on the eve of the outbreak of Lei Jun investment

lead: "all the people looking for Jaycee Chan" and other small game, once the explosion of mobile social software in 2014 once the brush. There are indications that H5 games are in the small game to the eve of the outbreak of the big industry.

"all the people looking for Jaycee Chan", "surrounded by nervous cat", "see you have color" and other small games, once in 2014, once the explosion of major mobile social software. Since then, the HTML5 game (hereinafter referred to as the H5 game) also entered the public view. With the rapid growth of mobile games, H5 game developers and investors have also been concerned about. There are indications that H5 games are in the small game to the eve of the outbreak of the big industry.

For the HTML5 game


open source cross platform mobile phone game development engine Egret Engine egret engine at the end of 2014, get along for the capital of A $10 million round of financing. The egret engine can quickly create HTML5 mobile games, games can also be compiled output become primary target mobile platform game application.

anecdotal, Shun is the founding partner of Lei capital took only 15 minutes to knock off the investment. Analysis of the industry, is bound to cause Lei, focused on H5 games on the egret engine future millet build their own ecosystem help.

in five seconds, light game 9g, dance, pigs, radish and so on the flagship HTML5 game company, also announced a considerable amount of investment.

is interesting, "money" not only from Zeng Liqing, Lei Jun and other mobile Internet senior investors, even food, household appliances, agricultural products industry investors have reported, reached the HTML5 game market. One can imagine that these capital is a broad vision of the H5 game, bigwigs want to seize the initiative before the arrival of the competition.


BAT seize HTML5 game outlet

summary of the 2015 changes in the market in the hands of the hand travel market in the Tencent, H5 ranked first. The Tencent of H5 jollier, in QQ space, have the entrance to play games. Data revealed that there are H5 games in the QQ space has been a million water.

is responsible for Tencent browser Wei Xiaohai pointed out that the biggest problem facing H5 is fragmented, due to the problem of Android compatibility. Tencent in order to solve this problem, in its WeChat, mobile QQ, space, browser and other software to join the X5 kernel, and free to provide developers with the use of. H5 developers only need to adapt to the X5 kernel to make the game, and access to a Tencent provided by the size of only 60K SDK, you can run on the Tencent’s major platforms to solve the problem of adaptation models.

is responsible for QQ space Xu Huabin said, QQ space for page tour and hand travel developers preferential policies will gradually open to the H5 Game >

Take the platform business talk about entrepreneurship dream or something to hell

takeaway platform businesses talk about entrepreneurship: the dream is to have something in the hell

TechWeb reported in July 16th this week / color

settled in the takeaway platform businesses like Taobao on the seller, after so many years of Taobao, the online shop, you remember a few

in the takeaway platform for entrepreneurship Yue Shan feeling quite to throw this sentence, I was speechless. Indeed, we believe that those who have already made the reputation of the brand online, starting from the online shop can do really not much.

takeaway platform merchants also. U.S., hungry takeaway platform rush at the same time, businesses on the platform is also quietly changed. More and more entrepreneurs choose to open the store in a little bit of the city, do not do the next line orders, only send out. They are looking forward to create their own brand catering "dreamer", also want to make money "realism", Yue Shan bluntly he belongs to the latter.

: first is to do a takeaway to live and earn a lot of money

set up in the United States on the takeaway Amoy rice is the second time after graduating from the University of entrepreneurship, in his words, the choice is because this is easier to live, at least earn some money. But he did not want to make the Amoy rice brand, or make a large scale, Amoy rice to him, just a springboard, after a certain amount of funds to jump to other markets".

may be due to the failure of the first venture, the mountain has become a reality. He said, "after graduating from university is the first venture in Houhai roast pig’s trotters was also made, dreamed of a own brand, like the West master, but this dream for less than a year on the loose." As for the reason, he did not want to say more, but repeatedly stressed that Houhai is not good mix".

this time, the site will be selected in the mountains of Beijing, Fangshan, more than the school, near the school, Amoy rice is the main dish dishes, only online, according to his description is the processing plant". According to Yue Shan, Amoy rice since 3 months, an average of one day can have a single more than and 100, running water around $3000.

Amoy food and the United States to take away the exclusive sales agreement, in addition to the United States to take away, not in other takeaway platform. Because part of the subsidy is jointly taken by the United States and the United States to take off Amoy food, which also makes it easy to catch food sales revenue is subject to the u.s.." Yue Shan said, in May of this year, the United States to take a large amount of subsidies to take away, more than the number of students, the water is high, basically no subsidies in June, a small amount of less. Most of the time there are about 6000 yuan per day of water, only a small amount of less than $2000."

in his view, do takeaway food itself has a lot of bottlenecks, the scope of delivery, delivery time, daily production, food preservation and personal qualities of the industry personnel are limited. For a grassroots entrepreneurs, in order to make a network platform or a master of the West

Shun melt capital partner Liu Biao listen to me, so entrepreneurial success!

turn from: creating a commune Author: Liu Xiaomi

oral: Shun Rong capital founding partner Liu Biao

editing finishing: create a guest commune Liu Xiaomi

la la la, so that all students feel very full, happy and intense training camp ushered in a wonderful course second days! Today’s share tutor, all top coffee, full of dry cargo, allow students to take notes and pictures too tired to call: "arm breaking!" (off the record the king was so, hum).

in the afternoon entrepreneurship class, from CIS capital investments, Neusoft carrier, with the way tourism, regulating the family network, vering, high technology, photoelectric micro itsunew technology projects such as the founding partner of Liu Biao, is full of sincerity to dedicate their eleven years of experience in venture capital in exchange for money and time dry cargo, from the angles of industry selection to the team, to meet the challenge, to carry out the analysis and guidance for entrepreneurs, brought a precious practical success. In this paper, according to the founder of the community according to their speech editing, has been authorized, please indicate the source:

entrepreneurial success rule one: choose the industry

entrepreneurship must choose the track, that is, the industry. The success rate of different industries is not the same, some industries are born with more opportunities, and some industries are inherently difficult to develop. Therefore, when you start a business, you have to figure out, what kind of industry opportunities can make it easier to succeed in the business? What kind of industry factors make it more difficult to start a business?


correct industry selection rule:

1, the market size is large enough to carry at least one listed company.

must have enough market size, not too narrow, otherwise it can not bear more companies to do. For the agency, the market size of at least tens of billions, will be considered within the scope of investment, large investment institutions require at least ten billion market, will be concerned about.

2, the market is in the early stages of growth and development.

must be clear, the stage of the market, early, growth or recession. In the recession, it is difficult to develop the enterprise, and the real great companies are mostly produced in emerging industries, such as Microsoft, Google, Tencent, Alibaba, almost all from 0 to 1 growth process.

at the beginning of 2011, I invested in a solar company in Wuxi, which is the most loss of our investment in a business, a loss of 15 million. Just investment, the photovoltaic industry is booming. But soon, the industry will fall, serious excess capacity, product prices plummeted. Looking back, it will be found that in 2011 to do the solar industry, is almost impossible to succeed, unless particularly strong in the field of subdivision, because the industry is showing a downward trend.

3, the traditional market is the impact of new technologies and bring new business opportunities.

for example

A 50 year old media, is the business or to continue in the media

walking in Guangzhou, the most densely packed Tianhe North Road, coming and going people have long been replaced by fresh white-collar. The adjacent commercial center, there is a restaurant, a restaurant with a table for three rows of diners, frowning, very sad.

appears to be a middle-aged man said, his face two young woman, very politely said: "I would like to ask two today, what should I do next?"

of the middle-aged man about the background is a veteran reporter print, business news industry for more than and 20 years, is the writing skill, early in the newspaper won many awards, of course, these awards are derived from internal selection, and often most glorious newspaper reporters award, is the internal selection.

"I’m good at writing characters and writing characters." He said.


this year has been cross to the 50 year old middle-aged man, although the reporter skill skill is deep, but still encounter some confusion: one is to continue to stay in the media, no meaning, because the traditional media industry downturn, even in his high, still only 10000 pieces of income, jobs and income does not match.


two is alone out of business, he is going to sell what? If only is to help others to operate the public, what is reflected in where the years of the news value? How to solve this gap was


is three, if not start, do not stay in the media, into the enterprise, can put in the online job resumes? Can you make sure that your boss is older than you? If it is a 80, 90 or even, they will be employed in front of the "old people" he read out a lot, not always want to understand. He also shared a personal real experience, just last year, he tried to vote in the online resume, a company just need to seek the editor in chief of a magazine, a monthly salary of twelve thousand to twenty thousand, looks good, he decided to resume the past.

a few days, the interview time, he was holding a good mood, into the company, coming towards a 90 girls, did not say a word, first handed him a job application, one of which is to provide proof of the past work and contact telephone number. He was very puzzled to ask the 90 girls: if in order to prove my work experience true and false, you can arrange your boss to talk to me."

90 girls should be very indifferent to a sentence: you do not have the opportunity to see our boss, you can only see the highest treatment of our personnel manager."

he felt his old shelf can not stand, can only turn away. "I have not yet received a notice of employment, why do I have to provide personal privacy to you, this is not an equal opportunity to interview." He added: "in fact, many companies are now so."

finished, he shook his head, said his situation is very embarrassing.

, however, he has tried to resign to choose to do

Dongsheng partner of choice secret struck, rattling fast make money

in today’s entrepreneurial era in Denver, I often hear the sound of many entrepreneurs, of course, the business results, some people are happy, some people suffering, entrepreneurship was a meaningful thing, but entrepreneurs in the end want to start difficult in what place? How to choose business partners.



has become a grass root Internet business entrepreneurs in the mainstream today, in the capital of no money, no connections to network conditions, the business partnership seems to be the best choice Lediao wire business, want to choose a sensible partner, the best choice to work with their own shoes bitter buddy, so that it can complement each other in the future work in.

in today’s era of opportunity, almost every grass root heart have a dream, are eager to build business, to realize their value of life, wealth, become a great legend like Ma Yun, such a dream, you dare to say you have not thought about

?When the

at the beginning of each journey is always long and hard, so is the business, want to start a business, must be ready, entrepreneurial venture partners is essential weapon, choose business partners as choosing a marriage, a lot of people in the business, had doubts: I really need to choose a business partner


venture partners on and love, but love is certainly with the deep love as the foundation, however, can actually the love really stand together through storm and stress, go through thick and thin together rare, life, full of regret that love is everywhere. Some of my friends always lamented: "partnership entrepreneurship than marriage is difficult", visible, like-minded partners must be more than happy marriage is more rare, those people who always complain about the lack of investors, entrepreneurs, 80% because of the problems between partners.

good business partners to let your career strive for further improvement in the way, once you start accidentally fell down, your partner can help you, move on, but sometimes the wrong partner you could have suffered heavy losses, facing a more severe situation, but this is not means, select business partner who is a bad thing, if you can choose like-minded partners, the probability of success will greatly increase your career.

The most important feature of

is the same goal as our partner, in love, always ask to understand yourself, whether entrepreneurs to find their own partners or others to find entrepreneurial partnership, the most important is the understanding of the same.

business risk, need to be cautious to choose a partner in the partnership, between strangers is not a wise choice, strangers do not understand one another, you don’t know him, he also don’t understand you, in this case, you want to do without a partnership, it is very difficult.

between friends, choose venture partners more reliable, after all, you know each other between the Internet, double

Entrepreneurs should wake up! Community service O2O want to do a national platform, is dreaming

O2O the current situation in community services such as "first-tier cities from Demons and monsters danced like mad., Guangzhou Shenzhen, to the two or three line of the capital city, almost every city has an even number of covering the limited scope of the local community platform. Every entrepreneur with a national platform dream. Sorry, I have to give you pouring cold water: the national dream, very dangerous!


national platform window short

generally, a national platform for the window period of about two years. For example, drops fast, from the beginning of 2013 to mid February 2015, with nearly two years to achieve national distribution; for example, hungry, in June 2013 D round of public comment brought before the vote, the market coverage of the city is only 12, the investment after half a year to spread rapidly to more than and 100 City, do not want to the middle out of the U.S. group, the rapid laying in group purchase business basis, also completed the layout in nearly two years.

mobile Internet business environment has been very different from the PC era: a change in one year, three years. Community O2O entrepreneurs to catch the rapid formation of scale in the following environment changes before: one is the mobile Internet business environment (APP flood, super platform is devouring the installed capacity APP), two is the user is not mind other platforms occupy the top three, is their own money tight, four is the capital investment window before closing.

if the two years can not achieve the effective control of the country, followed by the financial pressure and the formation of the profit model will not be forced to shrink the platform strategy. Once the implementation of the strategic contraction, not only investment shrink, also affect the confidence of investors, such as the consequences be unbearable to contemplate Domino.


, from the second half of last year the local projects have emerged, by now the size of feudal rule, the O2O community platform window basic only about a year’s time. Part of the platform has been expanded in more than and 20 cities, while the other part of the city, although only occupy the one or two, but the foundation played relatively solid. Occupy more than the city is facing follow-up service follow-up and capital transfusion problem; occupy the city is worried about the rapid replication of the site.

community service platform, not standardized commodity business platform, promote not only depends on the capital, because it contains lots of non-standard services, heavy capital and heavy operation have both "double" hard work. This is to be the old saying: "More haste, less speed".

capital and cooling separatist warlords

I have said before: "this year and next year there will be a large number of entrepreneurial projects to die, some of which have been B round of financing companies." O2O investment boom has been gradually cooling, each field has a potential leader, but it is very difficult to have the opportunity to flop. Capital relative to the social sector, although the market space is very large, but now also seen a B round of financing enterprises. The first is the relative width of the community