10 city customs office

Reporters learned from the Xining customs, in April 13th, located in the Silk Road Economic Zone, Qingdao customs customs clearance integration emergency coordination center officially opened. From Qingdao, Ji’nan, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan, Xi’an, Yinchuan, Lanzhou, Xining, Urumqi, Lhasa customs 10 more than 70 officers officially settled, carry out joint office, customs clearance regional integration Silk Road Economic Belt substantial step.

according to the General Administration of Customs announcement, the Silk Road Economic Zone 10 customs clearance integration reform will be officially launched in May 1st this year. The center is divided into general area, work area, large screen displays, big data display area 8 functional areas, the use of cloud computing, big data, video and network information technology, to achieve a comprehensive docking with the General Administration of customs, customs, customs clearance within the main business site, 12360 hotline at various levels such as network and information port, to ensure that emergency coordination work smoothly. The running time of the center from April 13th to June 30th, during the period of reform will be responsible for the initial rapid response to emergencies, internal and external business consulting and problems of acceptance and disposal, business data collection and information dissemination, information collection and other work for the realization of customs clearance, the whole process of integrated management mechanism and mode of operation, the formation of "ground clearance as a customs clearance integration pattern" has laid a solid foundation.


North District Environmental Protection Bureau of the collective Deng Tai Tai Chung Tai Chung

to celebrate the party’s eighteen big victory is held, the afternoon of October 23rd, district environmental protection bureau Party branch organizations of all cadres and workers held a climbing competition open up a fresh outlook.
at the top of the mountain park, branch secretary of our bureau gave us a different language of nature, listening to lectures, about the development and the development of Xining branch secretary of the party’s story, overlooking the beauty of Xining, everyone more feel the happiness of life, have a deeper understanding of gratitude and cherish.
after the global organization of personnel to carry out rich and colorful fun little game. One is the 5 collaboration activities are three balloons blown, transported, tumbled, after the completion of the rope; another step on the balloon. After the two games are a hot red face, but a very bright smile.
this activity encourages people to exercise the body in motion, edify sentiment, love life, greatly enriched the cadres and workers amateur cultural life, and promote the communication and coordination between colleagues, enhance team cohesion, improve everyone’s enthusiasm for work.


Especially local Qiucai cabbage, Chinese cabbage, carrot prices flat

in October, due to the increasing Qiucai supply, coupled with the recent Xining weather, local vegetables, especially broccoli, cabbage, carrots, wholesale prices flat.

October 9th, learned in Xining City Road market, Chinese cabbage price of 1 yuan 1 kg, 1 kg of cucumber 1.5 yuan, 1 yuan and 1 kg of white radish. "Local food is cheap!" A vendor on the market shouted, attracted many people to buy. A stall told reporters, as the weather turns cool, eggplant, tomatoes are delisting, instead of the local seasonal vegetables, because prices have been steadily so listed more concentrated.

complete varieties of local vegetables so many people pick hualiaoyan. In the small farmers market, the reporter saw the price of vegetables than during the national day or less, a stall told reporters: "the local supply of vegetables this year, prices lower than last year, for example, white radish, cabbage, garlic bolt are cheap, natural people buy more, we also compared the local plateau pollution at dish. However, due to seasonal reasons, there are some vegetables, like tomatoes, eggplant, etc. also rose a few wool."

walked into the 54 street is located in the West District of Xining City, Beijing Hualian Supermarket, saw in the agricultural and sideline products parity sales area, a lot of vegetables have made special offer signs of yellow, cabbage 0.28 yuan / kg, Chinese cabbage 0.38 yuan / kg, onion 1.28 yuan / kg, tomatoes 0.99 yuan / kg…… is to buy food segment uncle said "these days the dishes obviously feel cheap, you see, I just said the 2 cabbage was 1.42 yuan." Less than two hours in the basket of vegetables have bottomed out parity. Staff said that due to parity vegetables cheaper than the market, sales quickly, so a few days to replenish several times.

recently listed a large number of local Qiucai succession is the main reason for vegetables went. Since the autumn, the weather has sustained an invigorating autumn climate vegetables growing well, the rise in production. According to the forecast, with the gradual cooling of the weather, the supply of vegetables will remain stable in a short period of time, prices will continue to maintain a relatively stable trend.


Do business with good curiosity to do marketing

almost everyone has curiosity, as the owner, if able to meet people’s curiosity, the invisible will make the business get good development. Hongkong is a franchise of adhesive shops, in order to make a new "strong universal glue" is well known, the glue a coin stuck on a wall, and declared that "who can bare gold breaking down, who owns the gold".

for a time, the bustling shop, a debut try mojianjiezhong. However, many people took tremendous effort in vain. There is a self described "got great" Qigong master came to the empty handed. So, the strength of the good performance of the famous universal glue.

Italy has a children’s shop, operating around 7 years old children eat, wear, watch, play supplies. Store provisions: non children 7 years of age can not into the store into the store, adults must have the company of children 7 years of age, or refused entry, even local officials are no exception. With 7 years old children’s parents feel interesting, want to see the "gourd" in the end what medicine to sell, and some with not the age of the child’s parents also lied to the child is only 7 years old, into the shop to buy goods. Later, the store owner also opened a new youth shop, the elderly store, maternity shops, etc., have played a role in the odd promotions.

the above two examples tell us: in marketing, taking advantage of people’s curiosity, adopt unique marketing methods, arouse people’s sense of curiosity, often receive unexpected results. Of course, the prerequisite is the quality of goods must be perfect, otherwise, only strange tricks can not let the business for a long time in curry favour by claptrap.

there is a supermarket near my home last fall, due to the purchase link errors, resulting in a large backlog of washing powder warehouse. The manager of the supermarket is very anxious, announced price cuts of 10% processing. A month later, still No one shows any interest in. Later the manager came up with an idea: in front of the store posted an ad: "we sell washing powder, each only a bag, two bags of more than 10% increase."

pedestrian saw the advertisement is both surprised and panic, have speculated: why can only buy a bag? Washing powder is also the price? Why do you want to buy more? Under the control of panic and suspicion, people began to panic. Some queuing at several times, and some families and friends to mobilize the queue. Some are even willing to pay 10% of the money to buy a few bags. For a time, washing powder, a consumer goods, a few days later, the supermarket unsalable washing powder sold out.

2011 on the eve of the Spring Festival, a big shopping mall here held a week-long "Rangli bargain, double consumption" promotional activities. Any number of 20 yuan, 50 yuan, the face value of the yuan on the yuan has a number of 01, 10 connected to the number, can be >

Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Ma Haiying and his party went to the Red Ar

  July 25th morning, Municipal Committee and Secretary Ma Haiying, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Publicity Education Research Center Deputy Director Zhou Fugui, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee, deputy director of the Supervision Bureau Man Hongfang as a pedestrian accompanied by the relevant responsible persons in the City Civil Affairs Bureau, to the national anti-corruption education base and the national patriotism education base – the Red Army xilujun Memorial check to guide the work of.

Green south emergency response to cold strikes

January 21st, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, recently, the cold wave in the south of Qinghai Province struck, decline of breakthrough extremum, in order to ensure the safety of winter, people in agricultural and pastoral areas peaceful holiday, the province at all levels of civil affairs departments to carry out disaster relief work.


3 years later, Xining is expected to become a forest city

mountain city integration, Lin Shui dependencies, Lin Road phase contrast, Lin Ju inlay, in 3 years after the Xining is expected to become a forest greentown! "12th Five-Year" period, the municipal Party committee and government size up the situation, put forward the goal of creating a national forest city. Yesterday morning, the city to create a national forest city preliminary work has taken a gratifying step, "Xining forest city construction master plan" (hereinafter referred to as the plan) through the review.

from the Chinese Academy of forestry, Beijing Forestry University and other units of the 7 experts to review the group, through the planning program. City leaders Su Rong, Fan Guoqing, Kim Yong, white and so on to participate in the assessment will be.

At the

meeting, deputy secretary Su Rong pointed out that the plan will become the guiding document for the creation of a national forest city in our city, is the future of forestry ecological construction in a period of blueprint, it will Xining forest, water and other characteristics of wetland resources together to forest ecological environment, industry and culture three system 16 key ecological projects and forest safety 7 capacity building. Breaking through the concept of "small Xining" in the past, the three counties will be integrated in the planning, the construction area, the main city, the scope of the city on the spatial level of the three levels of forest construction.

planning by Chinese Forestry Research Institute compiled on the full analysis of the overall situation of the development of Xining city and Xining natural environment characteristics, puts forward the ideas of Xining forest city, namely plateau Huacheng, Xining forest, the charm of the summer. Planning to 2015 for the creation period, the initial formation of the mountain city, forest water dependent, Lin Road phase contrast, forest habitat embedded urban forest ecosystem spatial pattern. To 2020 for the upgrading period, gradually realize the city where the mountains, lush vegetation, beautiful scenery of the rural landscape. Create a forest in Xining, which is to form the city surrounding forest landscape as the background, the city parks and forest roads, water areas as the key to the various units, residential green space and trees to supplement the city forest construction system, the ancient city of rich plateau ecological forest environment affinity.

According to the spatial pattern of urban development in Xining, the

plan is to form a near natural urban forest ecosystem with the core of "one core, two zones, the three axis and the city of Victoria". In the city the urban district of Xining City, three counties, and the city and county of Sichuan area is connected to water area, city parks, green corridor, leisure square as the main building in urban green space system to build the Qinghai Tibet Plateau welfare, livable urban charm. (author: small words)

Multi district coal to gas progress has been answered

For the public to reflect more concentrated on some of the old buildings of the coal gas has not through the warm, natural gas pipeline progress, small coal to gas project progress and other issues with the reporter connection Xining oil and gas limited liability company, and a unified response to its. Residents reflect: more than a small area to slow progress in coal gas. 1, Chaoyang East Road, No. 42, dawn District, No. 39, since June this year, coal to gas, there is no natural gas, but also to respond to the interface of the property queue, heating has not yet passed. 2, No. 71 Road, light industrial zone, No. 467, after the coal to gas, the natural gas pipeline has not yet installed. 3, Bridge Street tamie hospital this summer coal gas is completed, people ask where do gas card? 4, East Road, No. 53 hospital Tongde pasture Roca Bay family member courtyard, family member courtyard, East Road, economic development zone, East District of pasture forage agricultural breeding field, South Street East District Ning Li Yuan, Yu Jing Xiang, Chengzhong District, No. 11, five small coal gas project is fully completed, but has not yet been ventilation. Answer: Engineering Department are still stepping up, will soon be ventilation. Reporters learned from the Xining oil and Gas Co., Ltd., reflecting the slow progress of coal to gas caused by the existence of non ventilated areas have their own reasons. Among them, the dawn of residential property companies signed a contract with the construction company late, leading to heating has not yet been carried out, but has dispatched workers, the recent construction. Textile area of coal to gas projects, signed a contract with the Gas Co in the end of September, has sent staff to the construction unit, the project has been completed indoor drilling. Tamie Institute of coal gas construction has been completed and acceptance, managers take the required business card information to Victory Road gas service hall for ventilation and card procedures. With the family member courtyard, Roca Bay, Jiashuyuan ranch pasture grass crops breeding farms of three districts, the construction has been completed and acceptance, are business card printing ventilation. Ning Xiang coal gas project is still under construction. The jade well lane 11, the hospital reflects the problem, China Petroleum Gas Co is only received a user application, the user does not provide planning excavation procedures, can not sign the construction contract.  

Cool tea to join congratulate details

people always have a not extraordinary heart, always restless, wanted to break through the self, can really find their own place to display their fists, which is now one of the reasons why so many people choose entrepreneurship. However, for ordinary people’s entrepreneurial project is not very much, plus by all sorts of conditions factors, small as we recommend cool tea or join the brand, is a good project of small investment, high profit. So, congratulations cool tea jiamengfei? Here is a detailed analysis of joining fee.

cool tea joining fee:


cool tea selling advantage: Congratulations

with the changing of people’s consumption concept and life style, cool tea has become one of the current types of drinks to celebrate the most popular. Chinese and tea consumption market almost 30% annual growth rate, market share China drinks consumption more than 20%, juice drinks, a great catch-up potential of carbonated drinks, China tea industry will usher in a brighter future. Congratulations cool tea insist that their tea with high quality standard strictly, showing a cup of good tea, good market reputation prospects.

cool tea to join support:


1, the entire shop output support: cool tea franchise headquarters will congratulate the catering market by virtue of the rich operating experience, to provide the entire shop output support for the franchisee, franchisee in the shop process given the needs of all aspects of support and experience, allow the franchisee to easily start.

2, free training support: congratulations to join cool tea, headquarters is responsible for pre free technical training for all partners, to maintain continuity through technical training manuals, professional data and membership service download, free software upgrade.

3, logistics support: large storage of raw materials, equipment and other goods stocking plenty of cool tea congratulations franchisors have logistics, warehousing, distribution, eliminate the phenomenon of missing out of season and holidays.

4, market operations support: both the overall marketing plan of the brand, a full set of store management scheme for a single cool tea stores or practical, to ensure the return on investment.

5, regional protection support: cool tea franchise development congratulate limits in certain areas, to ensure that the store can monopolize a market, to join a sufficient space for development.

cool tea drink a drink to celebrate the new era, become the beverage industry leader, has changed the obvious characteristics of the industry season. Congratulations cool tea drinks, tea drinks is a new project, the unique market opportunities. If you want to join, you can leave a message below the website